Exclusive: Trader Mayne’s Price Predictions and Why Bitcoin is “Antiquated Technology”

@tradermayne, a crypto Twitter influencer, stopped by Benzinga’s ‘Moon or Bust’ show on Monday to share his views on the market and crypto trader life.

Mayne has more than 188k Twitter followers and is actively trading Bitcoin (CRYPTO : BTC), Ethereum, (CRYPTO : ETH), and other altcoins (CRYPTO : ETH) since 2013.

In regards to the Bitcoin vs. Ethereum conversation, Mayne had something to say from a trading and technological perspective.

Trading: “When it’s alt-season, Ethereum is often going crazy. If you want to invest in an altcoin, you have to ensure it’s not outperforming bitcoin. You also need to make sure that it’s outperforming Ethereum.

Although Mayne remains bullish about Bitcoin’s future, she believes that ‘[Bitcoin] sets the standard. It’s the best. It has a scarcity that people will always want.

“I am a huge Ethereum bull” regarding future holdings. In the next bull run, I will hold more Ethereum than Bitcoin.

Mayne also shared his thoughts on EIP 1559. He said, “I don’t think Ethereum will suddenly jump 20% after that happens.” There will be people who want to play that game. From a trader’s standpoint, the safest bet is to place a bet on the move contract… volatility will likely occur around August 4th. That way you won’t need to know if it’s going up or down.