Mt Gox Rehabilitation Plan Delayed Again to December 15

The Mt Gox Rehabilitation Plan seems to be delayed again until the end of December 15. This was given by MtGox as a reason for the postponement of their plan to fix their financial problems. MtGox will be filing for bankruptcy soon after it has been made known that they have lost almost $400 million due to fraudulent transactions and have filed for bankruptcy because they are unable to pay back their creditors. They were given until December 15th as a way to convince all of their clients not to file for bankruptcy.

This is another reason why they delayed their rehabilitation plan. If they could get this done in time, they would not need to delay again. This means that they are still looking for a new funding source, or they are at least waiting for their investors.

Their clients will not have to worry about their MtGox rehabilitation plan being delayed anymore, as they can use it when the time comes. With the news coming out that MtGox is going bankrupt, all the money that they have in this business will probably be gone. This will have a devastating effect on the community where they operate.

People in Japan are very angry with MtGox’s decision to postpone their rehabilitation plan. This will affect the Japanese economy because it is their largest export. When the Japanese currency drops the price of Japanese goods will go up, but it will not affect everyone equally.

Some people in Japan are blaming MtGox for doing this and even suing them for it. They think that it was done purposely to put them out of business, and prevent them from paying their clients. They are saying that they cannot pay back their clients, and that they are going to start charging a higher price for their goods. It is not hard to see where the anger comes from, when you look at the situation in Japan.

Hopefully, if everything works out for MtGox, they will be able to work out a new rehabilitation plan. They should be able to fix the financial problem, and make their customers happy again. They are owed money and should be paying it back before it is too late.

It may be that the rehabilitation plan will be delayed another few weeks, or it may just be delayed until the end of the year. Either way, it will give some people more time to think about their options. If the plan is delayed another few months, then we may have some good news to see in January.

I think that people should be thankful that we are in a position to fix our country’s financial problems. We should all take a little bit of time to celebrate the fact that we have a healthy economy. I also hope that the Japanese people do not have to wait too long.